Catharsis Group aims to become the leading organization which is committed to deliver sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the benefit of our stakeholders. We are devoted to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and to provide the job seekers a healthy, safe and environmental excellence.

Our Mission

We intend to create value of our business through satisfying our associates and partners. We strive to help clients/partners to achieve their target and develop their objectives by providing specific solutions.

Core Values

Catharsis Group is a company that embraces changes and is flexible enough to create new structures and approaches. At the foundation of these efforts are the Catharsis Group’s values, which serve to guide the day to day decision making of all Catharsis activities. Catharsis Group’s culture is to provide a common language to communicate about Who We Are through performance.


Respect is best demonstrated by developing and delivering quality service to clients. Respect means creating meritocracy in which performance is rewarded. An integral part of Catharsis and its business is respect for its different clients and competitors as well as people of different culture and races.


Integrity allows reaching the right decisions faster and giving the speed needed to be competitive. At the heart of integrity is transparency in Catharsis Group’s actions, motives, and intentions. “Walk the talk” and creation of company feeling, comradeship and brotherhood.

Sense of Urgency

Speed and simplicity are the fundamental aspects of sense of urgency. It means being goal oriented and focusing on delivering result/in order to give the quality result and make Catharsis Group work faster; changes are made to the process. Catharsis Group tries to achieve the ultimate result by breaking the barriers and reducing friction. Flexibility in approach to adapt to changing situations is our hallmark.


Effective networking means reaching out beyond boundaries not just get information and ideas, but also to share these ideas and information with colleagues both nationally and internationally. Positive networking involves breaking down the information into several categories and distributing them to different departments, this demands better understanding between the departments as well as different companies. Catharsis Group believes and follows these to achieve its goals faster.


Being creative calls for innovations in all processes and in everything Catharsis Group does. It is not always easy and it involves “embracing” the discomfort while moving into uncharted territory. The aim of Catharsis Group is to reach a point where this is found satisfying and rewarding.


Empowerment means using transparent process to create a clear understanding of a mission. But a significant element of empowerment is also creating an environment. In this environment the people are expected to have self-confidence to show initiative. It is about seizing the initiative and being accountable for the result.


Courage is an essential value for creativity and innovation. Furthermore, without courage, open and challenging discussion would not be possible. It is about getting things on the table and discussing them up front to reach a timely decision; but courage is also about setting demanding targets that help to advance more rapidly.