Hospitality recruitment done right.

Hospitality recruitment is the hospitality industry’s premier talent search firm. Part of our business is identifying and assessing outstanding hospitality professionals and recruiting them into roles anywhere in the world. We work for a diverse group of selected clients which includes multinational corporations, private hotels, major cruise lines, trendsetting restaurants etc. to find the ideal individual who fits their specific requirements.

Hospitality recruitment types :

  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Catering/Event Planning
  • Limousine/Airport Transport Service
  • Tour Operator/Guide

Creating value for our clients

We boast some of the best recruitment and advisory talent services in the hospitality industry. We offer management experience and market understanding to create a system of value addition for clients.  Highly skilled hospitality professionals are usually satisfied with their current employers and will only move for a better opportunity. Finding these exceptional candidates is not easy, but it’s what we do well.