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Catharsis Intl. obtain necessary
clearance from Govt. Agencies
Catharsis Intl. process visa
Medical Check-up at
Catharsis medical centre Ltd.
Interview by the employer/their
authorized representative
Scrutinize & Train selected
Catharsis Intl. conducts job
advertisement & recruitment
Ticket & Deployment Service
organized by Catharsis Travels
Orientation & Briefing at
Catharsis International
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Catharsis International


Catharsis International was established in 1997. It has secured a Recruiting Agency Licence (licence no. RL.-549) from the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and became a member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA).
Catharsis ability to source and mobilize professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers is second to none. Positioning and incorporating overseas employers’ requirement, the testing facilities and huge mobilization gives Catharsis an unparalleled hand above the rest. It has its own training centre, medical centre and travel agency to serve employers in many countries of the world. Over the years it has developed into a one stop service provider. Experience, hard work and excellent client communications have made and continue to make Catharsis International one of the most trusted names in the manpower supply industry.​

Catharsis  Training & Testing Centre (CTTC) is dedicated to the task of value addition to the huge human resource potential of the country. CTTC is always mindful of the client’s needs and has a flexible training methodology and system to tailor the training curriculum as per the requirements of the employers’ at home and abroad.

Catharsis Travels (CT) is one of the leading travel agents in Bangladesh founded in 1998. We are a member of ATAB. The services offered by Catharsis Travels are ticketing for all national & international Airlines from Dhaka to different destinations around the world. 

Catharsis Medical Centre Ltd. (CMCL) has been brought out into light with a vision to provide a complete and comprehensive healthcare solution to the people of our country. Every great initiative is originated from a motto and Catharsis Medical Centre has been given birth with a motto of “service to the mankind”.



Integrity allows reaching the right decisions faster and giving the speed needed to be competitive. At the heart of integrity is transparency in Catharsis Group’s actions, motives, and intentions. “Walk the talk” and creation of company feeling, comradeship and brotherhood.


Respect is best demonstrated by developing and delivering quality service to clients. Respect means creating meritocracy in which performance is rewarded. An integral feature of Catharsis and its business is respect for its different clients and competitors as well as people of different cultures and races.

Sense of Urgency

Speed and simplicity are the fundamental aspects of sense of urgency. It means being goal oriented and focusing on delivering result. In order to give the quality result and make Catharsis Group work faster, changes are made to the process. Catharsis Group tries to achieve the ultimate result by breaking the barriers and reducing friction.


A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.
Oscar Ri Hao Teng
You’re really good at following up with the client so as to ensure that they are never left in the dark. Keep it up!
Basheer. Massad
General Manage
You have the natural ability to understand and feel what your customers are experiencing, and you are able to meet their needs effectively.
Irfan Tansel

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